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Salary or Employee Loans

Partner with us and let us help you with your employee's financial needs

What are salary loans? 

Salary loans are short or long term loans that help employees address their everyday financial requirements, short of what their income can afford. ACI advances the cash necessary, with an acceptable interest rate and payback period that fits their monthly salaries through salary deduction. 


We work closely with your HR to ensure: 

  • The employee gets the financial help they need at a timely matter, 

  • The employee can afford the the loan, 

  • The HR deducts the loan from the employee’s monthly salary

  • That proper accounting of loans, interest and principal payments are aligned and accounted for

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We help your company take care of your employees’ financial needs without having to affect your own corporate cashflow. 

How it works:

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Step 1

Partner up with us by signing up here

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Step 2

Let us review your company profile by submitting the following documents: 

Application Form

Articles of Incorporation & By Laws

Last 3 Years’ Government Information Sheet (GIS) 

Last 3 Years’ Audited Financial Statements

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Step 3

Approval - once approved by our credit committee, we will be sending you our MOA to be signed by authorized parties

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Step 4

When the MOA signing is done, your company’s HR department will be given a log on link on where you will create a corporate account using our online database.

Please be guided that HR will be required to give ACI essential information on employees such as: 

  • Date of Hire

  • Compensation Package

  • Status of Employment (Ex. Probationary, Temporary, Subcontracted, etc.) 

  • Employee Status (Ex. President, VP, Manager, etc.)

  • Existing loans and financial responsibilities of Employees

  • Approval / Recommendation of Employee


Employee Application: 

  1. The employer will have to get the Corporate Code from the HR department of their employer

  2. Go to the ACI log on page and insert corporate code on log in

  3. Download and fill up the loan application form

  4. Send to the Employer HR department for authorization and approval, which will be forwarded to ACI 

  5. ACI will review the loan and funds will be deployed within 3 working days via bank transfer

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