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Please download the AMORTIZATION SCHEDULE below, fill up the fields in green and save it with file name "LAST NAME, FIRST NAME _ EMPLOYER NAME" (Ex. SANTOS, FIDEL RICHARD_ATHENA CREDIT INC)

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This is to authorize my EMPLOYER, Philippine College of Criminology, in behalf of Athena Credit Inc., to deduct my amortizations from my monthly salary, until my loan, plus interest payment is fully paid. The information of my loan amortizations can be found on my signed Promissory Note. It is understood that should there be a deficiency in the above manner payment, any benefit/amount due me upon retirement/separation shall be irrevocably assigned/applied to the above loan for its full liquidation without need of prior notice/demand.


By accepting these terms and conditions, I authorize my EMPLOYER to release any personal, employment, government or other information deemed necessary for the attainment of my loan. 

I understand that - 

1.      The maximum amount I can withdraw, through the ACI Salary Loan Program offered by my EMPLOYER, is not more than 2 times my monthly salary; and that re-availment may be allowed only after at least half of the term of the loan has expired or under monitorius reasons to be determined by the credit committee.

2.      Employees that are under probation or are contractual will be subject to EMPLOYER & ACI approval and is not guaranteed the loan applied for.

3.      It is understood that, as a manner of paying for this loan, the applicant authorizes his/her EMPLOYER to deduct the corresponding amortization from my salary, to be paid to Athena Credit Inc.

4.      In case of resignation/retirement from the job while the loan is still outstanding, I authorize the EMPLOYER to assign, in behalf of the Athena Credit, Inc. any benefit/amount that may be due to me for purposes of paying the loan.

5.      As a guide in evaluating the loan application, photocopies of latest pay slip/office ID must be attached with the application from to be submitted to Athena Credit, Inc.


In signing this application form, the APPLICANT verifies that all information is certified true and correct.

Please print  the AMORTIZATION SCHEDULE, sign an original copy, and forward to your EMPLOYER HR. 

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